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ChemZyme Digestant - uses bacteria-specific enzymes for the treatment of drains and septic systems. Goes to work by ingesting any organic matter that is found in the drains or traps including grease, soap deposits, food, etc. Safe to use in either copper or PVC pipes, ChemZyme Digestant will elimnate odors by eliminating the source and help keep your drains running smoothly and effectively. Just follow the directions on the label as to how much to use in each drain or trap.

Chemco Bowlerizers - Half moon shaped cakes same as the 4 oz. But with a wire inserted for the toilet bowl rim. Wire will not rust

Deodorizing Urinal Screens - The fragrance is impregnated into the screen. Each screen is designed to last approximately 30 days.

Nature's Choice - is a safe, non-toxic, bacterial enzyme product that uses the most natural way to clean and deodorize your bathroom fixtures and surfaces. Completey biodegradable, Nature's Choice contains millions of hungry good bacterium that actually ingest contaminants found on sinks, in and around toilets and urinals and in the shower areas, thereby not just cleaning the surfaces but leaving them germ free!
    Even after you've cleaned with Nature's Choice the enyzme action keeps working in the grout lines and even under the surface. The odor-causing organic matter is ingested and, thereby eliminated. Just dilute with water, as recommended and either spray or mop onto the surface. Can also be used in an automatic extraction unit.
Scented Deodorant Cakes - Pleasantly fragranced cakes of 100% pure Para dichlorobenzene. Individually wrapped. Will not dissolve in water, evaporate slowly, 12 - 4 oz. Cakes per case.

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