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Chemgloss - An medium solids, metal interlocking polymer finish which will withstand heavy traffic, and repeated washings. Dries to a hard finish that is heel mark and scuff mark resistant. Has excellent slip and water resistant and spray-buffable qualities.

Chemgloss Plus - A 25% solids metal interlocking polymer finish providing higher gloss and excellent durability. Like Chemgloss, it is water and slip resistant and spray buffable. May be used on all types of floors. Neutral type cleaner such as Neutraclene should be used for keep-up maintenance. Both products can be removed with our ammoniated wax stripper.

Tile Sealer - Seals pores and cracks. Should be used prior to applying wax, especially on old floors and floors that have been poorly maintained. Can be used on terrazzo, asphalt, and rubber tile. Contains no solvents.

Gym Finish - A 50% polyurethane finish, which dries to a wear-resistant high gloss. Will last twice as long as other finishes. Can be applied by mop or applicator and can be used on wood, cork, linoleum, or concrete floors. May also be used on furniture.

Penetrating Seal - A 28% solids finish to be used as a prime coat for new wood or sanded surfaces. Excellent product for sealing concrete.


Lemon-Oil Polish - Cleans and polishes leaving a nice lemon fragrance. Use on furniture, Formica tops, metals, etc.

Dust Mop Treatment - Available in water and oil base, controls dust borne bacteria and virus particles. Just spray on your dust cloth or dry mop, allow dwell time and start using. Oil based dust treatment s recommended for furniture and polished floors.

Stainless Steel Polish - Leaves stainless steel bright and shiny, preventing finger marks.

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