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ChemPower Cleaner/Degreaser Concentrate is our #1 top selling janitorial product! We have combined a superior blend of synthetic detergents and builders to provide fast cleaning action and emulsifiers to penetrate and remove greases, stains, wax buildup, rubber marks, and many forms of graffiti. Extremely concentrated for economy.

Chempower Concentrate can be diluted for many different uses:
  • Chempower HD: Dilute with 5 parts water for removing black ball marks on raquetball and squash court walls.
  • Chempower MD: Dilute with 10 parts water for a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser (much like Formula 409), which will remove marks on walls, black rubber marks on court floors (rinsing afterwards is recommended) and even as a soap scum remover for showers and whirlpools.
  • Chempower LD: Diluted at 20 parts water will provide an excellent general purpose spray and wipe cleaner for all types of applications on surfaces unaffected by water alone.
Chempowder - A concentrated heavy duty cleaner ideal for washing walls, floors, painted surfaces, etc. Mixes quickly and easily with water. Free rinsing.

Chemclene - A ready to use all-purpose cleaner. Formulated for heavy cleaning action. Use on walls, furniture, stains, counter tops, etc. Can be used on any surface not harmed by water alone. Detergents and builders for fast cleaning and emulsifiers to penetrate and remove imbedded dirt.

Neutraclene - Ph balanced cleaner for use on all floors and surfaces not harmed by water alone. Neutraclene will not harm wax surfaces or finishes and can be used on quarry tile, ceramic tile, linoleum, stone, and many other surfaces where a neutral cleaner is recommended. Pleasantly fragranced.

Floor Stripper - Concentrated, fast working stripper, which will remove imbedded dirt, wax, and metal interlocking polymer, finishes. Available in ammoniated or non-ammoniated.

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