Chemco Industrial Products Inc. 74 Broadway, Norwood MA 800-523-3253,

Chemco Industrial Products Inc. has been in business since 1978 as a Distributor of janitorial, maintenance and sanitary supply products.  We offer our customers a diverse line of cleaning supplies, including bulk liquids to pre-measured concentrates!

Our primary service area includes the New England States, though we also reach out to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania!  Our Warehouse Facility had been located in Norwood, Massachusetts for many years, recently moving to West Bridgewater, MA.

Around 1981, when the sports & health industry began to flourish, we estalished a specialized division, Multi-Sport Products, which caters to the Fitness, Sports & Health Club Industry. We also provide products for fitness centers in colleges and universities throughout the country!

We carry a full-line of Amenity Products including; Shampoos, Body Wash, Hair Conditioners, Moisturizers, Mouth Wash, as well as Aftershave, Hair Spray & Deodorant Spray!!

We also sell a diverse line of prducts such as; Valet Wet Bags, Facility & Fitness Wipes, Hair Dryers, Deodorant Systems, Dispensing Systems, Disinfectants and Sanitizers, just to name a few!!

  • Cleaners & Cleansers: all purpose, glass, concentrates, aerosols, etc
  • Deodorants: aerosols, time release, automatic dispensing
  • Disinfectants & Sanitizers: cleaning concentrates, skin care, sanitizing wipes,
  • Dispensing Systems: Soaps & Shampoos, Deodorant, Paper & Plastics, Sanitizers
  • Floor Products: brooms, mops, vacuums, etc
  • Hand Cleaners: bar soap, liquid, lotion, foam, specialty
  • Kitchen & Laundry Products: detergents, degreasers, pot&pan, steel wool, bleach, softeners, etc
  • Maintenance Goods: buckets, barrels, window equipment, mopping equipment, gloves, pumps & sprayers, sponges and pads, matting, etc.
  • Specialty Products: ice melt, sweeping compound, industrial supplies, rags
  • towels, tissue, toilet paper, trash liners, sanitary prducts, sanitizing & facility wipes, food service products
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