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Chemco Washclene - A concentrated liquid laundry product, which cleans heavily soiled materials in all automatic washing machines. Can be used on most fabrics. Excellent for linens, clothes, and towels. Controlled suds. Use 2 - 4 oz. per load depending on amount to be washed. Use of an ouncematic pump provides economy.

Chemco Superclene - Powdered laundry detergent with controlled suds for all automatic washers. Blend of detergents, water softeners and brighteners. Works effectively in hot, cold, or hard water.

Chemco Sparkle - Liquid hand dishwashing detergent is a highly concentrated detergent for glasses, dishes, and utensils. Use approximately 1 oz. Per 4 gallons of water. Ouncematic pump available for 1 and 5 gallon containers. Safe for skin and biodegradable.

Chemco Sparkle Powder - A high sudsing powdered dish detergent for hand dishwashing leaving utensils, dishes, and glasses sparkling clean.

Chemco Glass Wash - A no-suds detergent ideal for beer and wine glasses leaving them clean and spotless. Rinses freely,

Chemco Pot & Pan Cleaner - A product specifically designed for removing the toughest greases and oils from your pots and pans. Can be used directly in the sink or through portion control equipment.

Chemco Dish-Klene - Powdered machine dish detergent, which can be used through most of the industrial type and commercial machines. No-suds leaving dishes free of dirt and film.

Sanitizing Tablets - For sanitizing glassware, dishes and utensils washed by hand. Portion controlled eliminates waste. Product produces a blue tint to let you and your employees know that it has been added to the tank or sink. A Board or Health required product.

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