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Bowl Cleaner, Non-Acid - A disinfectant ready-to-use cleaner for toilets and urinals. Easy to use with a squirt top

Bowl Cleaner, High-Acid - Thickened formula with 9.25% hydrochloric acid clings to vertical surfaces for a more thorough clean. Quickly removes build-up of rust, lime and uric acid in toilet bowls. Disinfects bacteria and viruses after one minute of contact. Easy to use, just apply and scrub.

Clear Shower - is an acid-based, highly concentrated cleaner for your showers and any other wet areas (steam rooms, whirlpools, etc). This product is formulated with mild acids that are strong enough to remove built-up soap scum and soil deposits in the grout without harming the shower or grout surface.
    Can be used safely on all types of tile, terrazzo, slate and even fiberglas surfaces. When used in conjunction with our Multi-Sport Lemon All there is no better way to clean your showers!
Cleanser - Institutional and industrial cleanser to dissolve stubborn stains. Can be used on porcelain, tile, metal fixtures, and shower stalls. Fast acting powder available in 30 - 21 oz. Containers to the case.

Drain Treatment - A non-caustic, non-acid enzyme based product for slow drains. Should be used for preventative maintenance of drains or catch basins. Enzymes ingest all organic matter removing pipe cholesterol, which can cause future problems. Safe to use for septic tanks and grease traps.

Nature's Choice is a safe, non-toxic, bacterial enzyme product that uses the most natural way to clean and deodorize your bathroom fixtures and surfaces. Completey biodegradable, Nature's Choice contains millions of hungry good bacterium that actually ingest contaminants found on sinks, in and around toilets and urinals and in the shower areas, thereby not just cleaning the surfaces but leaving them germ free!
    Even after you've cleaned with Nature's Choice the enyzme action keeps working in the grout lines and even under the surface. The odor-causing organic matter is ingested and, thereby eliminated. Just dilute with water, as recommended and either spray or mop onto the surface. Can also be used in an automatic extraction unit.

Special Effect Safe Acid Washroom Cleaner - A pleasantly fragranced, non-muriatic, acid-based cleaner, which can be used on porcelain, tile, grout, ceramic, etc. Does the job where others fail. Can be sprayed on surface or applied by a sponge. Can be used concentrated with a foamer head or diluted for sponge or bucket cleaning.

Tile & Grout Cleaner - A concentrated, muriatic acid based cleaner for removing heavy deposits of minerals, stains, lime, scale, etc. Cinnamon fragranced. Concentrated for economy. Should be used with care and proper ventilation.

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